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Cloud Nine Outdoors

Where Mentorship and Education Meet The Outdoors

Fully Insured 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organzation 

Our Mission 

To Provide a program that helps Inner City Youth with mentorships in school and access to outdoor activities to keep them out of trouble, off the streets and to see them advance in life.


Our Programs



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    This program introduces youth and their family to our waterways, producing valuable lessons about our community’s water habitats.

     All youth who are accepted into the Fishing Program will go out on a fishing charter/trip.

     The following are examples of curriculum that is incorporated in this program:

    • Different species of fish
    • How to tie a fishing knot.
    • How to bait a hook
    • The different types of bait
    • How to remove a fish from a hook
    • How to clean a fish
    • Legal requirements for ethical angling

    All necessary gear will be provided to the youth and their parent(s) during the program. Upon successfully completing the Angler program, each participate  will receive a rod and reel combo.

     Over the course of the year, 200 youth and parent(s) will participate in a fishing workshop leading up to their fishing trip. 


“Archery and Hunting Skills”

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    Our Archery program  is now a mobile archery unit that we can travel to different locations and introduce youth to the use of a compound bow.



    In our Hunting program, we introduce our youth to the art of using a bow and crossbow. It is used to help our youth with focusing and relaxing. All youth who are accepted into our Hunting program will go out on a hog hunt in which we can process the meat and provide the food to the family. 

    Curriculum include:


    • Compound and Cross bow training
    • Focusing on a target
    • Benefits of hunting: Concentration, relaxation, and satisfaction
    • Rules and regulations surrounding hunting.

    Upon completion of this program, we take the youth and parent(s) will embark on a guided hunting trip.

Year Round Program


Each year we host up to 12 youth from Pinellas County and 5 youth from Hillsborough County in our year-round program. In this program, Cloud Nine Outdoors holds each youth accountable and focuses on the following:

  • Monitor their grades
  • Tutor and assist with schoolwork
  • Provide them with a trip involving every aspect of Cloud Nine Outdoors
  • Provide mentorship basically take them under our wings for the whole year.


97% of these students stay with Cloud Nine Outdoors year after year, up until they graduate from High School. Each High School Senior  who has been enrolled for at least a year, receives a scholarship upon Graduation.


    The Camping program teaches youth how to be safe, knowledgeable, and responsible while outdoors and/or camping.

    This program covers:

    • Outdoor safety
    • Shelter building
    • First-Aid Kits
    • Starting fires in the woods
    • Animals, insects, and other wildlife

      Summer Days

      Summer Days  program includes many of the public events that help introduce new youth to the outdoors.

      This program operates one day a week during the summer ( June- August ).  Activities  include the following

      • Fishing trips
      • Archery trips
      • Beach clean ups
      • Hubbard’s Marina boat wash for community service hours
      • Trips to the Florida Aquarium

        Fishmas In July

        In the month of July, we partner with captains and provide half day fishing trips for youth and their families. During this time, participates have the opportunity to bond with with their family and experience the outdoors. For some of these individuals, this is a once in a life time opportunity.

                                                  Quotes We believe in 

        I am not doing this by myself. I just see the vision and others assist me in reaching the dream.

        – Jovan McNeill

        “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

        – Martin Luther King, Jr.

        The noblest art is that of making others happy.

        — P.T. Barnum






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